NOTICE: Cybercrime Alert!!!

Dear Esteemed Customer, There has been a widespread of fraudulent emails claiming to be from "CPanel" requesting clients to log into a cloned account using their CPanel login credentials. PLEASE DO NOT BY ANY MEANS LOG INTO SUCH ACCOUNTS, these accounts are phishing sites which tends to steal information from you. Here is a sample of such ... Read More »

28th Aug 2019
Important Notice Regarding Your Service(s)

Dear Esteemed Customer, This is to bring to your notice, that all registered accounts should have accurate and verified contact information. We are required by our regulatory authorities to make sure all our registered accounts have accurate and up-to-date contact information. If you are yet to verify your email address, please do as your ... Read More »

3rd Jul 2019
Need help? We'll call you!

Dear Valued Customer, I'm Rotimi with the Web Advisor team at TFhost. Do you need help setting up your website on TFhost? Let me know what time works for you, and I'll give you a call. During the call, we'll walk through whichever challenges you might be facing together, and I'll offer all the help and support you need to start accepting real ... Read More »

11th Jun 2019
Join Our Affiliate Program Today and Earn

  We are so glad to introduce you to The TFhost Affiliate Program! First things first, affiliates are a very important part of our growth strategy. We have many successful affiliate partners who earn thousands in recurring revenue from our program daily because of our continued commitment to creating opportunities for our affiliates to earn ... Read More »

28th May 2019
Important Notice: Version 68 of cPanel introduced new SSL ciphers

Dear Esteemed Customers, this a notice that cPanel has now introduced new SSL ciphers to increase the security of the mail server; this enables TLS 1.2 and disables older SSL protocols such as TLS 1.0. While we make every effort to ensure our services are as secure as possible, this means that older operating systems and mail clients will be ... Read More »

11th Mar 2019