Addon Domain Names 7

All you need to know about addon domain names

Domain Names Transfer 7

Transferring domain names

Parked Domains 4

Instructional guides on all you need to know about parked domains

Premium Domain Names 19

This is a list of domains that have been classified as premium by the registry and cannot be registered at the regular price.


 Characters & valid characters' lengths for Domain names

  Domain Names MUST:  have minimum of 3 and a maximum of 63 characters; begin with a...

 How do I change my registrant details public on WHOIS?

  Follow the instructions below to change the registrant details of an active domain name....

 How do I redirect a domain name?

  To redirect a site, kindly follow the steps below;  Ensure the domain points to the...

 How to link or use your domain name with blogspot account

How to link a domain name to google blogspot You don’t have to be a developer before you can...

 How to manage dns from my client area

Now, you may log onto your client area  with your login details. Click on Domains on the top...

 ID Protection on .ng domain names

ID Protection On .ng Domain Names And WHOIS Privacy Policy 6.1 NIRA operates an electronic...

 Why you should not allow your domain to expire

  An expired domain may show an advertisement page as the page content. If you...