Can the domain name of my Site Builder be changed?


Yes, the domain name of your site builder can be changed. To do this, send a mail to
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Do I need to download any software for SiteBuilder?

  No, you do not need to download any software before making use of our SiteBuilder.

Can a payment gateway be integrated?

  No, a payment gateway cannot be integrated. However, your bank details can be on your site...

I have a hosting account already. How do I get the sitebuilder?

  Before you can make use of the sitebuilder, you need to have a hosting account with us....

Can I use my existing hosting account for the sitebuilder?

  Yes, you can. Please click on this link to get a sitebuilder package.

Can I edit on site builder with my mobile Phone?

  No, you cannot edit your website using a mobile phone.