ID Protection on .ng domain names

ID Protection On .ng Domain Names And WHOIS Privacy Policy

6.1 NIRA operates an electronic look-up service called the WHOIS. The WHOIS is designed to provide limited information to site visitors about assigned .ng domain names for the following purposes:

a. to allow network administrators to find and fix system problems and to generally maintain the stability of the Internet;

b. to help combat inappropriate uses of the Internet such as spam or fraud;

c. to facilitate the identification of instances of trademark infringement; and

d. generally to enhance accountability of .ng domain name Registrants.

6.2 The following information concerning .ng domains registered to Registrants shall be made accessible to interested third parties through the WHOIS:

a. domain names;

b. Individual Registrant’s Registrar’s name;

c. Individual Registrant’s Registrar’s number assigned by NIRA;

d. the expiration date of each Domain Name Registration of an Individual Registrant;

e. the registration date of each Domain Name Registration;

f. the last changed date of each Domain Name Registration;

g. whether the Domain Name Registration has been suspended or is in the process of being transferred;

h. the Internet Protocol address of the primary name server and secondary name server(s) and, if applicable, the tertiary, quaternary, quinary, and senary name servers for each Domain Name Registration; and

i the corresponding names of those name servers.

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